Creatures and Comforts

After house and puppy sitting on a beautiful property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for the last month, the time has come to go back to vanlife. I’ve spent the last few weeks living luxuriously and caring for eleven beautiful puppies, three big dogs and three snakes. Yes, you read correctly – eleven puppies. Despite the cuteness and fun times it was mostly hard and some nights I felt like a newly single mother might feel when her baby wakes up in the middle of the night and she’s alone, exhausted and apathetic – except it was worse because I had eleven babies who were busy either escaping their den at all hours and squealing with terror when they couldn’t get back in, or deciding to start a squirmy, whiny fight club at 3am. It was an interesting learning experience and I almost loved every minute of it…..what made it ten times easier was the beautiful house I was living in. Now for someone who has lived out of a vehicle for the last year, my definition of luxurious is most definitely different to the average person. There are certain everyday tasks us first-world humans are able to complete thoughtlessly every day, sometimes multiple times a day in comfort and with ease. When you move your life into a vehicle you realise you took these mundane life moments for granted and although you’re still perfectly capable of completing these tasks slightly less efficiently, you definitely start to realise how lucky we are to have access to the infrastructure that we do. Allow me to elaborate on the creature comforts I enjoyed during my short stint of house-life:

1. Being able to go and pee without having to put on shoes and leave the house.
2. Showering barefoot without worrying about getting some kind of tropical disease or fungal infection.
3. Walking around naked…….INSIDE.
4. Having an entire room to get dressed in, and an entirely different room to lay around and watch tv in.
5. Not having to make the bed every morning in order to move around slash function.
6. Using multiple appliances/chargers simultaneously. I could charge my phone and laptop, straighten my hair, boil the kettle and make toast all at the SAME TIME.
7. Spreading out my few possessions carelessly.
8. Storing multiple days worth of food in the large, super cold refrigerator instead of buying food each day.
9. Sliding across the polished wooden floors in fluffy socks

However, I did miss the simplicity and adventurous nature of living in the van and the first night back with Johnny and Pickles felt like I had never left ♡









Back in the van with Johnny and Pickles ♡

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