The Corner Spot

I think extreme stubbornness can be very useful at times. Today, I waited over an hour for my favourite parking spot at the beach. Not just any beach – my favourite beach on the Sunshine Coast. And not just any parking spot – the corner spot. I’m sure there are at least a few van dwellers out there that know what I’m talking about when I refer to ‘the corner spot’. There is nothing worse than trying to kick back in the van when you’ve got a car on either side of you. I refer to it as a ‘vanwich’. Its a complete buzz kill, especially at the beach. The solution? Getting there early enough to nab the corner spot, reversing in, and soaking up the views.

So today, I woke up early in my usual illegal stealth overnight location, pulled the top down, and crawled into the front seat to start Evie up and head off. I detoured through the Zaraffas Coffee drive through to top off the morning, but my good mood was short-lived as I arrived at the beach to find my corner spot taken by a measly little hatchback. The worst part? The rest of the parking lot was empty. They just decided they had to drive past all the empty spots, all the way to the end and take my spot.
It’s all good, I thought, I’ll just sit here and finish my coffee and hope they return to their vehicle and leave soon. I started scanning the people in the area, imagining who might belong to the hatchback. This is a game that John and I have played on many occasions. My suspects were an old man and his dog walking along the bike track, a father and daughter playing with shells, a hippy-ish looking lady with an overly aggressive fluffy white dog, or a group of about twenty old folks cooking up a storm on the public barbecue – but I assumed they belonged to the mini-bus that had ‘paradise over 50’s home’ plastered down the side. I couldn’t really settle on any matches, so continued to sip my coffee and listen to triple J.
An hour passed, I’d finished my coffee, an entire magazine, stared at the horizon apathetically for about fifteen minutes, and was about to admit defeat and settle in when finally – a dude came over, got in the hatchback and drove away. The excitement I felt was almost embarrassing. I casually moved Evie into position, smiling like a dork the entire time. My stubbornness had paid off. I got my corner spot.




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