Indiana, always.

At last, the time had come to return to cornfields, old barns, high school friends, memories and family. It’d been over two years since our last visit, and we were dying to get back.

It was a moral dilemma, returning to Milan, as we’ve spent so much time and money there and kind of neglected other cultures and countries. So the decision was made to incorporate Milan into a much bigger, exciting, new adventure. Johns family thought we were going backpacking through Asia. Little did they know it was actually Central America and that we’d be surprising them on the way and staying for a week.

To make things even better, we arrived on the evening of Johns sister Savannahs 30th birthday. After surprising Johns mum and convincing her to help us surprise Savannah, we were able to walk over to Savannahs house and through her front door (hiding behind Johns mum) right as the candles on her cake were being lit and the family was gathered around the table getting ready to sing happy birthday. We frantically and silently “shh”ed the kids who saw us, and otherwise managed to go completely unnoticed and sang the whole first line before she looked up and saw us! Seeing her reaction was totally worth the pain of keeping our secret for months – Here is the video of that moment!

It was amazing seeing the kids again and how they’ve all grown, but at the same time, it felt as though we’d never really left. I think we got a lot out of the time we spent with the family, and am glad we made the effort to stop by.


Another massive highlight was seeing all of our friends. I swear we have the best group of friends in Milan. We repeatedly leave the country and don’t get to see or talk to these people very often but when we’re reunited it’s as though we were never apart! Sure, there’s local gossip and life events that we miss out on but when it comes down to it, we’re there for each other and I trust these people wholeheartedly. I absolutely couldn’t get enough time with them all but cherished every moment and can’t wait to go back 🙂





John and I stayed super busy that week, with some classic fall activities – a visit to the local pumpkin patch with the family, a walk through a haunted house attraction, thirsty thursday at the local bar with friends, a halloween party, and most importantly trying to eat at as many of our favourite restaurants as possible. Insert fat joke right there.







The week surprisingly felt like longer but we still weren’t ready to leave. ……The only thing that made it easier was knowing we were going to warmer weather – MEXICO!

Read about our adventures through Central America here.

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