Starting Over

We live in a little beach house and we love our little beach house. But….we both work jobs that earn us just a tiny bit more than minimum wage. We’ve never been out of control when it comes to finances, but some ambitious travel plans coupled with a rough few months, and things easily started to snowball a little bit.

We both knew we need an exit strategy from this stressful financial situation, and we both also knew that vanlife was the most obvious solution. I mean when most people think about earning/saving more money, they think eating rice and beans and selling off excess posessions, right? Not us. 

We know from experience that having a literal home on wheels means you can maintain your appetite for delicious foods, and get rid of excess possessions whilst continuing to have all of the things you need, at little to no cost! No rent, no electricity bills, and no cutting grass or cleaning toilets. 

And we had one of those mysterious, cost neutral homes on wheels sitting in our driveway.

So what were we waiting for?

Well, let me take you back.

We did once live in this aforementioned adventure mobile for an entire eighteen months. We bought it from a grey nomad, and made zero modifications (besides a few new curtains) before diving right into #homeiswhereyouparkit. Here is a photo of our setup back in 2013;

We loved it. The freedom, unpredictability, and slowness of it all. For approximately eighteen months. And then things that we had previously learned to ignore began to pile up and become bothersome. We wanted more space to spread out, we wanted cupboards that didn’t have mystery black holes in them, and a bed that didn’t involved a million moving parts. We wanted to bake potatoes and we wanted to walk around naked. 

So we found a property to rent out in the country and dove right back into #houselife. 

We agreed we would use the van for the occasional camping trip here and there, and that maybe, just maybe, we would move back into it one day.

Well, that imaginary ‘one day’ became more appealing when we started feeling stuck in this never-ending cycle of rent, bills, and other expenses. It’s hard to travel the world on a minimum wage income.

So now we are here. 

So the time has come. 

We’re ditching our beach house and returning to #bumlife.

But this time we’re doing it right.

We’re making modifications. Relevant modifications born from first hand experience.

And we invite you to come along on the journey!

You can see more images of our build process on our Instagram.

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