The reason John and I travelled to Maui was because I won a competition hosted by Canon Australia. It was a videography competition, and along with some awesome camera and videography gear, the trip to Maui was part of the prize. They paid for our return flights and five nights accomodation at a resort in Ka’anapali, West Maui – it was called ‘Aston Ka’anapali Shores’ and it was beautiful, just like what you see in the movies. 

The Lobby

Looking into the gardens from the lobby.

And speaking of what you see in the movies – that is exactly the point – It’s just not. real. life. 

We can totally see why people get sucked into the whole resort style of vacationing – everything is perfect and easy and wonderful.

But it’s just not real. It’s not an accurate representation of the real Maui. 

Years ago, before we had ever travelled overseas together, we had agreed whole-heartedly that we would never stay in a resort like this, regardless of what country we’re in, for a few reasons;

A) We couldn’t afford it, or rather we would most definitely choose to spend our money differently
B) We agree that they are lavish, and we’re not huge fans of the ‘fake’ travel experience
C) They are often wasteful and unsustainable in their practices

However, having been gifted the accomodation for our first week in Maui, we agreed to embrace the entire experience, courtesy of Canon, and ultimately ended up having a really great time. It would have been silly not to make the most of a once in a lifetime opportunity like this. So, putting all frustrations aside, we kicked back and enjoyed it. The lagoon-style swimming pool, giant hot tubs, and ability to charge happy hour cocktails to our room had us feeling like little kids on christmas day. The grounds of the resort were lush and tropical, the staff were lovely, and the location was ideal.

A Black Crowned Night Heron hanging out by the resort pond.


Bananas growing at the resort.


Koi fish inhabited many of the ponds at the resort.

A ginger flower.

The pool.

Aston Ka’anapali Shores is just north of the main suburb of Ka’anapali – another chunk of paradise dominated by big resorts. Here you can find a shopping mall and all kinds of restaurants right on the beach. But if you look past all of the development you’ll see the true beauty of the place. The surf is small, the water is crystal clear, and the waves are gentle. There’s a huge rocky headland separating the north and south beaches – aptly named ‘Black Rock’ – and this spot is renowned for it’s ideal snorkelling conditions. You can also climb up and jump off the Black Rock.

We could, and did,  spend hours snorkelling.

The highlight for us was, without a doubt, diving down and listening to the whale song. We found that no matter where we were throughout the whole two weeks we spent in Maui, if we dove down far enough we could hear whales and it was just magic. 

Here are a few little clips taken with our GoPro where you can hear the whale song quite clearly! ❤

​​ Overall, it was a rare, luxurious week and we really enjoyed ourselves. I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii one day and explore the other islands.

Other places to visit near Ka’anapali include;
– Lahaina, a beautiful little fishing town. It’s about 10 minutes south.
– Honolua Bay, a great spot for watching the surf. It’s about 10 minutes north.


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