Lahaina & Olowalu

While staying in Ka’anapali we spent a bit of time exploring the local towns of Lahaina (about 10 minutes south) and Olowalu (another 10 minutes south).

Lahaina is a little fishing village and has a lovely local vibe in comparison to Ka’anapali. There were still a ton of tourists around when we were there but no resorts or high rises, mostly just BnB’s and holiday rentals. The shops and restaurants were pretty standard, surf brands and bar/grill types, but we somehow managed to find the most incredible artichoke fries at the Lahaina Fish Company and we haven’t stopped talking about them haha. It’s the little things, right?


Lahainas biggest drawcard is probably their giant Banyan Tree – apparently it’s the largest in the world? Set in the centre of town, it grabs the focus of most passers-by and could be one of the most photographed attractions on the island.

Continue another ten minutes down the road from Lahaina and you’ll get to Olowalu – one of the best snorkelling locations on the island. Probably due to the incredible visibility and walk in reef access – simply walk from your car right into the water and onto the reef. Amazing. We thought we might have been in for a huge swim out to the reef but it started within five minutes of entering the water! There was no current, so the fact that we didn’t have fins wasn’t an issue at all. We spent a couple of hours floating around and saw Honus, Eels, and heard whales singing.

If you’re ever on Maui I can’t recommend snorkelling at Olowalu enough!
Have you ever been to Hawaii?Let me know in the comments ↓↓↓

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