Food for the Future

My brother Quinn is a permaculture enthusiast and has spent the last couple of years travelling around various parts of Australia and New Zealand working on organic farms. Throughout that time, he acquired a wealth of knowledge and different techniques for growing food, and has really become very passionate about it. Quinn has recently started his own business ‘Mother Earth Worx’ and hopes to encourage people to ditch their suburban lawns and flowers for food gardens and fruit trees.

Our mothers home is on a huge piece of land in the suburbs. She has a big backyard with a swimming pool, chickens and most recently – an abundance of young paw-paw trees, mulberries, zucchinis, lima beans, sapote, avocado and citrus trees. Quinn has been busy working his magic and the progress in mere weeks has been incredible to witness.


One of Quinns gardens at our mums house.

This past week, he has been in town continuing his work on the family garden, and today he encouraged us to come along to our local community garden. If you show up on a Wednesday morning and help out for an hour or so, they will send you away with a big bag of whatever is harvested. The local folk were mostly lovely older people, and seemed really grateful for the help! We treated a few fruit trees with potash, sprayed some neem oil onto a capsicum plant, turned over the compost bays, and harvested green beans and red cabbage to prepare their garden beds for the next crops to be planted.
At the end of our work we sat down and drank green tea as a group.

For our efforts, we were able to bring home sweet potato leaves and nasturtium flowers, and made an amazing salad made from them. We also took a few red cabbages to make into sauerkraut.

It was a very rewarding experience and empowering to see what a small group of committed citizens can achieve when they come together for a common passion and purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Food for the Future

  1. How great to write a story on our local community garden. It is such a great concept and one of the better things local councils can do to help people connect to the earth and learn how to leave less of a footprint in their daily lives. Working in a garden is such an amazing stress reliever and the bounty produced is so healthful

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