Perth and South

Ever booked a flight spontaneously, and as soon as you’ve lifted your finger off the ‘confirm purchase’ button thought…..holy shit what have I done?

With zero stability in my life right now, and a very low bank balance…..travelling to the other side of the country really shouldn’t have been a priority.
But it ended up being an amazing change of scenery and just what I needed amidst the chaos that is my life right now.

I took a new friend up on the offer of a week long roadtrip from Perth to Augusta.
Lachy and I drove and slept in a grungy little Subaru wagon, sang to Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley, showered in every possible ocean, and talked about life for hours.

We started off in Fremantle, then explored Dunsborough, Yallingup, Injidup, Margaret River, Boranup, Hamelin Bay and a little bit further south.

Below are a few lovely iPhone images to sum it up – that’s right, I did NOT take my SLR, for no other reason than having no intention of taking any photos or videos at all.
I honestly just wanted to switch off and experience…..but instinct took over and I inevitably took a few snaps.
They turned out pretty lovely and I wanted to share – so here they are










“It’s amazing the places you’ll go
and the people you’ll meet,
if you just open your eyes,
and follow your feet.”


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