Cruelty Free + Sustainable Beauty Products

I’ve never been a real girly-girl. I don’t get excited over fancy hair or makeup products. I’ve got a small makeup bag with just the essentials and I only really wear makeup once a month or so. However, I do use heaps of other non makeup related beauty products, and over time I’ve found some great plant based and cruelty free brands.

I lived in a tiny home on wheels for years, and there definitely wasn’t a lot of space for excess products. Even though I live in a bigger space now, I’ve carried that minimalist mentality with me and kept my products to just the essentials – I’ll probably end up back in another tiny living situation soon enough and don’t want to accumulate too much.

So because I stopped impulse buying years ago, I’m no longer doubled up on products and I’ve curated my collection into a small handful of wonderful creations by brands who are being sustainable in their practices and providing lovely eco-friendly and cruelty free goodness.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites!

Shampoo and Conditioner by Natures Organics

Available at: Supermarkets
Price: $3.50ish per bottle
Pros: Much cheaper than most commercial brands, different types available e.g. dry nourish, colour protect, coco repair etc, bottle fully recyclable and made from recycled plastic, no harsh chemicals, plant-based….. the list goes on!


Dry Shampoo by Batiste

Available at: Supermarkets, Chemists
Price: $10-$13
Pros: Cruelty free, visually pleasing bottles, different sizes and scents available


‘Travel Detangler’ hair brush by EcoTools

Available at: Supermarkets, Chemists
Pros: Cruelty free, travel sized, beautiful quality, made from recycled materials

Natural Deodorant by Earths Purities

Available at: Online and at selected health stores
Pros: Cruelty free, smells good, all natural, packaging made from recycled paper

Sunscreen by Natural Instinct

Available at: Chemist Warehouse, Supermarkets, Online and at selected health stores
Pros: Zinc/mineral based! No titanium dioxide etc, available tinted or invisible, matte finish…the list goes on!


Toner and Moisturizer by Sukin

Available at: Chemist Warehouse, Supermarkets, Online and at selected health stores
Pros: Literally everything. I SWEAR BY this toner it is a life saver. This brand uses a diverse range of botanical ingredients, and they offer a variety of ranges from a charcoal range to a super greens range. Their packaging is sustainable and recyclable…..honestly they’re wonderful and you can read all about their ethos here.



Lip Balm by Lush

Available at: Online and in stores – check here for a store near you
Price: $12.95
Pros: Smells incredible, tastes good, feels amazing.


Toothpaste by Grants

Available at: Supermarkets, health stores and online
Price: $4
Pros: Fluoride free, inexpensive, widely available

FullSizeRender 89FullSizeRender 90

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, or if you have any other recommendations!

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